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Invincible - Movement and Healing

Our process to help you reach your goals

  • 1. Evaluation of your entire body to figure out what guidance your body needs
  • 2. Improve movement of the entire body: muscles, joints, nerves, organs, etc.
  • 3. Create a self-care plan “roadmap” to supplement treatment and enhance overall health, helping you return to optimal function

Invincible   will help you take control of your health in ways you never thought possible. Through the practices of visceral manipulation, physical therapy and all-natural remedies, you’ll increase body awareness from the inside out, while redefining the way you move.

When you move better, you feel better!

What is Invincible?

Invincible is a vision of empowering people to reach their highest potential through greater awareness of how they move and feel. We provide you with the tools to redefine the way you move, perform and heal your body so you can live life to the fullest.







Happy Patients


We’ve all felt invincible at one point in life. It’s that moment you feel you can do anything…be anything. But sometimes, even though our mind is there, our body is not.

Our bodies often struggle with repetitive movement patterns, injuries, stress, surgeries, etc.

Let’s catch up your body with your mind!  The providers at Invincible use their specializations to empower you to use your body in the most efficient way. From movement evaluation to self-care education to manual therapy and visceral manipulation, you can find what you need to fine tune your body and mind to become “invincible” once again!

  • Lakewood: 12345 W Alameda Pkwy, Unit 106 Lakewood, CO 80228