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Essential Oils
Wellness Consult - Deep Blue Rub

Natural Wellness Consult

Our environment today is full of toxins… whether outside in the air or on the shelf in the stores. But it’s possible to shift your health toward nontoxic living when we use nature’s own tools in place of other products in our lives.

Therapeutic-grade essential oils are steam-distilled from the plant source itself, providing a pure, concentrated dose of nature’s own remedies.

The difference can be life-changing!

Any life change, however, can be overwhelming. How do you know where to start? How do you you know which oil does what? How do you know how much to use, or which ones you even need to match your lifestyle and priorities?

That’s where Dr. Missy comes in!

Not only has she learned from other specialists the wellness community, but her own healing journey allowed her to experience the difference essential oils make. And she wants to pass on those benefits to you!

No matter where you are, you can set up a virtual consult with Dr. Missy so she can assess which products will be most useful for you. She’ll help you ease into the process of nontoxic living, working with you to develop a program that fits your life so you can stick with it!

Get Started!

I'd love to learn more about your health goals and share how high quality essential oils can help!

Please fill out the info below and I will send you personalized recommendations based on your needs.

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Intro to Essential Oils and How They Compliment Physical Therapy

Learn about how Dr. Missy began using essential oils in her own healing journey and incorporated them into her physical therapy practice. Learn about why she chose doTerra, and get an overview of commonly-used oils and their benefits.