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Dr. Missy - Expanding Your Movement Mindset

The Invincible Mission

We believe that self-care is the key to healthcare | We believe patients should be empowered to take their health to the next level | We believe in guiding patients along their healing journey | We believe that the whole body works together | We believe the whole body should be evaluated | We believe in a team approach for healing | We believe you are what you eat + digest | We believe it’s important to talk about your poop | We believe our body has a max number of toxins/stressors that it can handle | We believe doTERRA essential oils are a powerful tool for everyone’s health | We believe that organs need to move too | We believe that organs are often times the missing link to a lot of health/movement issues | We believe that mindset is HUGE when working towards any goal | We believe the 23 hours you spend outside of our office is more important than the hour you spend with us | We believe body awareness is KEY to healing & performance | We believe in a positive experience for anyone we come into contact with | We believe in helping people problem solve, even if we aren’t part of that solution right now |

Dr. Missy

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy & Visceral Manipulation

Dr. Arianna

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy & Visceral Manipulation

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