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Healing is a Journey

Hi, I’m Tori Burris!

I will provide you with a supportive and healing environment where we can collaborate on your health experiences and goals, in order to cultivate a plan of care that is specific to optimizing your individual health.

I take a functional approach to bodywork by combining science with intuition, which allows me to individualize each and every session. Our bodies are constantly evolving; therefore, my practice will evolve alongside your specific needs.

Listening is the most important thing a provider can do for their client, and I will offer you my complete undivided attention for the 90 minutes that we are together, along with follow-up communication outside of your session. Getting to know you and your body will allow me to create the optimal environment for your health to flourish.

I will integrate different techniques into your session based on what your body needs in the moment: myofascial release, thai sports massage/stretching, cupping, etc. I am currently continuing my education in visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy; therefore, those techniques will be implemented as well.

My experiences in sobriety and recovery have given me a deep understanding of what goes into reconditioning behaviors in order to heal the body on a mental, emotional and physical level. My hardships are what have allowed me to deepen my compassion for humanity, and trust in the impermanence of our current situation. Our bodies and minds are in a constant state of flux; therefore, where we are right now is not where we have to remain. Healing is a journey, and we all require connection for optimal health — I have found touch to be an incredible way to connect on a deeply healing level.

Missy standing on her head


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  |   2015

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences

Major in Communication

Minor in Earth, Society, and the Environment

Denver Integrative Massage School  |  Licensed Massage Therapist 2020

Barral Institute  |  studying visceral manipulation 2020 - present

Upledger Institute  |  studying craniosacral therapy 2021

There’s always more to learn!

Dr. Missy is constantly learning, meeting new practitioners and staying up on the latest ways to enhance your healing journey.

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