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Dr. Missy - Expanding Your Movement Mindset

Healing is a Journey

Hi, I’m Dr. Arianna Wendlandt!

I first started on my path towards becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy in high school where my passion grew out of involvement in multiple sports with a few of my own injuries. I’ve always considered myself a bit of a science nerd and that trait truly exposed itself during anatomy, physiology, and exercise science courses in school, setting me up perfectly for my DPT training.

Over the years, I have battled personal health challenges that have opened my eyes to the diverse world of healing that I believe encompasses a holistic approach to help restore optimal physical, mental, and emotional functioning.

In my personal practice, I find that it is essential to meet each person where they are at, treating the WHOLE individual, and working as a team (you, me, and any other necessary providers) to best reach your goals whether that be bettering your quality of life or returning to peak athletic performance. Above all, my goal is to EMPOWER my patients by giving them the confidence to take ownership over their health journey and teach them preventative strategies to maintain a full and active life.

A large piece of the healing journey is movement! Our bodies are made to move which can be interrupted by injury, pain, chronic illness, or past traumas. One of my favorite tools to address many of the lasting symptoms from such experiences is dry needling. This tool can help interrupt acute or chronic pain patterns, opening a window of opportunity to retrain the neuromuscular system for enhanced movement and return to normal functioning. Whether addressing chronic low back pain or working to improve squatting mechanics, dry needling can be useful for you.

When not in the clinic, you can find me riding many of the local mountain bike trails or searching for fresh snow while backcountry snowboarding. I love working with people that enjoy some of the many recreational activities that Colorado has to offer. Let’s work together to keep you actively participating in the things you love.

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Texas Christian University  |   2017

BS in Kinesiology

Regis University  |  2020

Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Kinetacore  |  2019

Functional Dry Needling Level 1

Select Medical  |  2022

Movement Guided Lower Kinetic Chain Rehabilitation

Barral Institute  |   2022

Visceral Manipulation 1 & 2

Listening 1

Neural Manipulation 1

Studying Visceral Manipulation 3 & 4

Barral Institute profile

There’s always more to learn!

We are constantly learning, meeting new practitioners and staying up on the latest ways to enhance your healing journey.

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