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  • Chris Karwoski

    I've worked with Dr. Missy for several years, both for preventative work and recovery from injuries. While all my interactions have been excellent, I'll focus on injury recovery. I'm incredibly thankful to have Dr. Missy as a resource to visit directly when an injury happens. Visits to a standard physician's office feel rushed and result in advice that's not much different than what I could sea...
  • E Norton

    I think everyone should book at least 1 appointment with Dr. Missy. Her knowledge of visceral manipulation and over all things "PT" is amazing. She has a calm presence that makes one feel at ease when talking about personal or embarrassing topics. I highly recommend her to any and everyone.
  • Lauren Fishbein

    Dr. Missy is wonderful! I felt very welcomed and comfortable with her the moment I walked in. She seems extremely knowledgeable and let me know what was going on as she was doing the initial intake. I look forward to seeing how my health evolves while working with Dr. Missy.
  • Roman V

    After battling a slipped disk and sciatic nerve pain, I decided to give PT a shot. Dr. Missy came by recommendation and after a number of sessions and a movement analysis, I was back on the path to recovery. Dr. Missy’s approach and methodology was just what I needed to recover as she was able to fully analyze all aspects of my health and how they impacted my injury. I would highly recommend...
  • Lindsay Beckerman

    Dr. Missy is magic. Visceral manipulation is complex and different than anything I have done before, but working with her has been a huge part of my healing. I started working with her after having a baby, but my level of healing has been so much deeper than that. The emotional releases I get after seeing her have been so helpful, and I often find myself moved to tackle problems (successfully!)...
  • Gabby Robinson

    I'm an IVF patient and my Visceral Manipulation session with Missy two days before my frozen embryo transfer absolutely helped me relax, likely increased blood flow to my uterus, and helped ease constipation from all the IVF medications (which totally makes for a more comfortable transfer)!
  • Jaime Olivarez

    Dr. Missy has been a life saver for me. I had an old car accident injury years ago that has always bothered me but last year was causing significant pain and numbness. She has worked with me to alleviate acute pain and keep it away. Super easy to talk with. Teaches you along the way which is invaluable.
  • Wade Bass

    Dr. Missy has been incredible at helping me overcome random bodily ailments. From GI discomfort, back pain, to even testicular pain. I am constantly astounded by how Missy's gentle touch can have such a postitive impact on treating these issues. Thank you so much Missy!
  • Abby Copilevitz

    I had never been to PT before July of 2022 - Invincible was recommended to me by a friend. I now love and look forward to going to Dr. Missy and Dr. Arianna! They are the best and have helped me eliminate my lower back pain and are currently helping me through a knee injury from running. They do a phenomenal job of helping me understand what's going on in my body and teaching what they're worki...
  • Lorraine Bunker

    I’m so thankful to have been referred to Dr. Missy and Dr. Ariana by my Reiki teacher for my postpartum c section care after baby no.3. My sciatica pain was terrible during pregnancy and still lingered after Dr. Missy healed the nerve pain and has blown me away with the work she done to help me, as I continue with my healing process. I look forward to returning for future visits. Thank you ladies.
  • Brandon Tormanen

    Both Dr. Arianna & Dr. Missy have been nothing but fantastic. When a past injury crept back up, they took the time to evaluate symptoms and created a personalized approach to help me get back to 100%. Can't recommend their practice enough!
  • Tyler Noyes

    Having moved to Denver about a year ago I was a bit concerned as I no longer had my network of practitioners that kept me injury free and allowed me to continue enjoying all of my active passions. Through a bit of serendipity I came across Invincible and then proceeded to strike pure gold with meeting Dr. Arianna. She not only brings a borderline absurd wealth of knowledge to bear across multip...
  • Harrison Britt

    I suffered an injury to my lower back at the end of ski season and thought I had ruined the start of MTB season. Walking and sitting hurt so I thought there was no way I was going to be out there the first day of downhill season. Little did I know the magic that Arianna was capable of. From my injury assessment I know I was in good hands. We came up a plan that worked around my schedule and eac...
  • Lacey Smith

    I am so happy I found Invincible. Arianna and Missy are wonderful. What they are able to feel is truly incredible. I always felt restricted when I squat, and after seeing them, I no longer do! I am also able to engage my left glute so much better than I previously could. I love how they holistically look at the whole body and address it, they don’t just focus on the problem areas. After my firs...
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