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You could be feeling better right now!   If you’re in the Denver area, schedule an in-person session with Dr. Missy to get the most customized treatment possible. She works out of Denver Sports Recovery & Nurture. Not in Denver? Schedule a telehealth session.

COVID-19 update Aug 12th Dr. Missy will be wearing a mask with all patients. We ask that you please wear a mask if you are not vaccinated. You have all been amazing by cancelling if you don't feel well, so we appreciate it!

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Your Payment Options

Invincible is a private-pay clinic, which allows you to receive the highest quality of care that can often get lost in the red tape of the insurance world. However, you can use your FSA or HSA to pay for these sessions.

You are also welcome to try for out-of-network reimbursement. Please reach out so we can check your benefits for you. Superbills will be provided the Friday after your appointment via email.

Payment is made at the time of service. A detailed receipt will be provided.

The number of sessions needed per person varies depending on current health and health goals. Invincible’s goal, however, is based on self-care education to limit the frequency of in-person sessions needed.

If someone needs/requests more hands-on physical therapy work, they can come in once a week. Otherwise sessions are typically every couple weeks, or even months.

Visceral manipulation is recommended every 3-4 weeks.


Do you take insurance?

I am out-of-network with all insurance companies, so I take payment at the time of service and can provide you with a detailed receipt to send into your insurance to try for reimbursement. It’s always best to call your insurance beforehand so that you know how much they will cover for out-of-network physical therapy services.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies based on personal history and what we’re working to heal, but the Invincible philosophy is based on self-care education to limit the frequency of in person sessions. If someone needs/requests more hands on work we can meet once a week. Otherwise it’s usually every couple of weeks/months. Visceral manipulation is recommended every 3-4 weeks.
  • No More Pain Meds Needed!

    “Missy is by far the most extraordinary physical therapist i’ve had. I am recovering from my 5th surgery and this one was very major. She not only alleviated pain, but also gave me free samples of essential oils to make my road to recovery more healthy. I am now completely of of pain medication and ibuprofen thanks to her! Her devotion to her patients and here knowledge on sports related injuries make her one of the best PT’s out there.”


  • True Relief and Recovery

    "Missy has the magic touch. I’ve visited her multiple times for injury rehab, and each time, I see significant progress with rehab over a short period of time. She has true expertise with injury rehab for athletes, and others dealing with nagging pain from injuries!"


  • Equipped to Recover

    "Dr. Missy has helped me recover after injuries from playing lacrosse at the competitive level. She has helped me rehabilitate my shoulder when I dislocated it, given me countless massages and stretches that I can do on my own at home and before games to help me with my continues knee pain, and even popped my hip back in place when I didn’t even know it was out! Without her help I would not have been able to play lacrosse the way that I do today."


  • Visceral Manipulation Made the Difference!

    "I’ve learned so much about my own movement and also self-care routines to incorporate into my daily life. As I was training for an Ironman she gave me prehab/rehab tools that I would have never thought about doing on my own. She also taught me about visceral manipulation which has been a game changer and always responds in a timely manner when I have other questions. She’s also personable, easy to work with, and fun!"


There’s always more to learn!

Dr. Missy is constantly learning, meeting new practitioners and staying up on the latest ways to enhance your healing journey.

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