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#12 BE NERDY with Dr Missy Albrecht:

Sitting Versus Standing, Gluten Build Up, Essential Oils

Listen to Dr. Missy cover several helpful topics when she was featured as a guest on Emily Schromm’s podcast, Meathead Hippie, on episode 12.

Click on the timeframes below to find the topic you’re interested. This 1-hour podcast covers proper body movement, personal experiences with visceral manipulation, food intolerances, and how essential oils can affect your health.

INTRO! Where I'll be all June!
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"Furniture Fast" and Kathy Griffin tangent
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Consistent habits that cause injury; self-awareness; headaches; gluten build up?
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First going gluten free; rolling out the gut to turn on parasympathetic state
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Will I ever love YOGA?! Rebel mentality; CrossFit frustrations (losing an inch in height)
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Spinal compression while sitting; how much sitting is TOO much sitting daily?
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Why does standing feel so much harder sometimes? It's not just about standing more: it's about MOVEMENT
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How to approach PT in a new way: pain relief the natural way
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How an essential oil you hat might be exactly what you need
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The following videos are to help you maintain a self-care practice at home. Dr. Missy makes sure to collaborate with other health and fitness practitioners in her community, making sure you get the most well-rounded information to assist you in your journey.

Mobility Basics

Intro to the basics of soft tissue and joint work to support your body on your own, interviewed by Erin Thole CNHP for her clients.

Visceral Mobility W/Emily Schromm

An interview with Emily Schromm talking about what visceral mobility is, why we need it and how you can start improving your own visceral mobility at home.

Intro to Essential Oils and How They Compliment Physical Therapy

Learn about how Dr. Missy began using essential oils in her own healing journey and incorporated them into her physical therapy practice. Learn about why she chose doTerra, and get an overview of commonly-used oils and their benefits.

How to use the coregeous ball to:

Support visceral manipulation work with me | Improve digestion | Reduce stress | Improve athletic recovery | Improve breathing | Reduce pain

#AskEm - Episode 26: Pelvic Positioning

Our daily activities can skew our pelvic positioning, which can affect the stability of our entire core—which houses most of our organs! Emily Schromm talks with Dr. Missy about ways we can sit, stand, and exercise in order to stabilize the pelvis.

Bonus tip and exercise for testing your adrenals, and dealing with adrenal fatigue.

There’s always more to learn!

Dr. Missy is constantly learning, meeting new practitioners and staying up on the latest ways to enhance your healing journey.

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