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Organ movement can contribute to lower back pain??

Those of you who know my story, know that I got into visceral manipulation because I had lower back pain, and it’s what finally helped it. But this also continues to be about 60% of the patients I see:

  1. "I’ve had this back pain forever and can’t seem to figure it out."
  2. "I have these digestive issues, and it’s not relevant but I also have a history of back issues."

Even if your digestive issues were years ago, or you’ve never even had digestive issues, your organs sit extremely close to the bones, muscles, and nerves along your spine. If you’re dealing with lower back pain, I’d definitely have your organs assessed!


You can also get started with some organ self-care through the new interactive organ diagram (click button below)!


Organ movement can contribute to shoulder pain or pressing weight overhead??

I used to teach mobility classes weekly for different gyms, and there was this athlete who would come in for overhead mobility work. We would make improvements, but nothing substantial. A few years later he came in to see me and I learned that he had had extensive surgery around his liver. One session of visceral manipulation and he gained 15 degrees of overhead position!


So yep, lack of organ movement could be playing a part in how well your arms move overhead.


Organ movement can affect your ability to breathe during exercise??

Most of the time after visceral manipulation, people will say...


"I can finally take a deep breath!”


This is because if there is tension in the organ system, the diaphragm also can’t function well. I’ve recently had a patient who had COVID in March. He was all recovered according to doctors and many many tests, but he was still having this chest tightness and shortness of breath when he tried to get back into cycling. I’ve seen him now for 4 sessions and worked mostly on his heart, lungs, liver & intestines. Followed up each session with breathing exercises, as well as breathing exercises at home + the coregeous ball. He is now back to riding at higher intensity, higher elevation, with little to no discomfort.



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