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Gut + Brain Connection (Anxiety?) | Flodesk

Give your mind some TLC this week!




Most of the time we think of the brain controlling all the things...


But if you're dealing with...


It’s crazy (and cool) to think that 80% of the signals connecting the brain to the gut actually travel from the gut to our brain. Most of the time we think of the brain controlling all the things, but if you’re dealing with any brain fog, stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, etc...I would consider asking yourself some of these questions...

  1. Do I mostly eat food to fight disease or feed disease?
  2. Do I eat in a peaceful state so my body can digest well?
  3. Have I been exposed to toxins that may be affecting my digestion (mold, heavy metals, etc.)?
  4. Do I have a good quality bowel movement daily?
  5. Does my abdomen hurt often?

What if the signals from your gut to your brain are weak/interrupted? What if the signs your digestive system has been showing you for years is causing your brain to malfunction?


Routine is a HUGE piece of regulating stress in the body, and it helps your mind stay organized throughout the day. These 3 tips will be beneficial for anyone working from home, but especially if you’re used to working in an office, conference rooms, traveling, etc.

  1. Designate various spaces in your home (or outside!) that will trigger your brain that you are switching to a new activity. Ex. have your team meetings outside on the patio, but move inside to your desk when it’s time for creative work.
  2. Get dressed! We are more confident when we feel put together, allowing us to do our best work.
  3. Close your laptop and even put it away in your work bag like you normally would. This signals to your brain “I’m done for the day.”

Don’t believe everything you think!!


Automatic negative thoughts (as described in the book “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life" by Dr. Daniel Amen”) are real thought patterns that your brain has been conditioned to think. A negative thought will appear in your mind without you choosing to think about it, but then it can consume your mind. Usually from old experiences, but they can also result when there’s trauma/disease/imbalance in the brain (maybe from your gut!).


The cool thing is we can re-train our brain out of these negative thought patterns. Dr. Amen’s book has many tools to help get rid of these ANTs, but I’ll leave you with something I learned back in 2010 that helped me take ownership of my mind…


When a thought comes in, take a bird’s eye view of it versus owning it as your own. This will buy you time to decide if there’s any truth in the thought!


Have a relaxing week!


Dr. Missy



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