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How is my pelvic floor connected to my hip pain? | Flodesk

Organ Movement & The Pelvic Floor


Our entire body is connected…

So tension anywhere in the system can cause disruption.


The pelvic floor (in a simplified version: the general area we sit on) is no different. It affects organ movement in so many ways. The pelvic floor not only helps to control the pelvic organs, but it also creates stability for the entire body.


The pelvic floor helps to balance out the pressure system inside the body so the organs can function and move optimally. It does this by being mobile in addition to strong, allowing for full 360 breathing.


Another thing that ties these two together is that pelvic floor disorders often come together with organ issues, examples:


1. Tight pelvic floor & poor bladder movement.


2. Hip pain from an imbalanced pelvic floor & small intestine adhesion.


Basically, it’s important to work on organs & pelvic floor health!


When we're talking about pelvic floor work…


I take an external approach to work in this area in addition to improving organ movement. If a patient seems to have a more prominent pelvic floor issue (pelvic pain, incontinence) I have a few amazing pelvic floor specialists that I refer to for internal evaluation.


The 2 ways I usually address the pelvic floor in the clinic are:


1. Working on the bladder like the image here (above), from above the pubic bones and also through the opening in the pelvis where some of the pelvic floor muscles are located.


2. Working the fascial connection of the pelvic floor, with the patient sitting on my hands and my hands in contact with the sits bones.


And sometimes another organ far away like the liver or heart are causing the pelvic floor issues!


As you know, we love self-care over here, so of course, there are many ways we can work on our own pelvic floors.


Here are a few common ones:

  • 360 breathing, allowing the area between your legs to relax down on the inhale
  • Seated on towel/yoga mat for muscle release with 360 breathing
  • Seated on a small yoga tune-up ball with 360 breathing



Happy healing!

Dr. Missy


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