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Working on the organ system is like unraveling a fishing line. It must be done slowly and with focused intent. 


Each time an area is 'released' the body starts to soften and improve. But it can't always be 'fixed' right away. It takes time. It takes work. And it takes the entire body working together so other factors don't cause the organs to get tangled again.


A missing foundational vitamin, like D, could cause the organs to stop responding to the work, not allowing the body to unravel. Trauma that the body is holding onto may not allow the organs to let go until the mind is addressed.


Just like the fishing line in this photo, the body may have many other impeding factors limiting its healing. So it's important to take a whole-body approach and work together to clean up the line.


Unravel The Body


Water is a key factor in health, but it's not just drinking water...

Beyond gas, liquid & solid.....we now know that water has a 4th phase called structured water (also known as Exclusion Zone water). It's kind of like honey: in between liquid and solid.


Why does this matter?


Thanks to Dr. Pollack we know that this phase of water is what defines health in our cells, and creating more EZ water in our body will make us healthier by giving our cells more energy.

When infrared light passes through our cells it actually creates EZ water in the body - an awesome reason to use an Infrared Sauna!

Dave Asprey shares some other simple ways to increase EZ water in your body, as well as, an interview with Dr. Pollack!


Exclusion Zone Water



Are you struggling to find fun + educational things for your kids to do at home while you work? Or just to take some time for yourself? 


My fabulous mother is a retired 2nd-grade teacher, and I have amazing memories of her creating the most fun projects in her classroom (that were also educational). She let me pick her brain on some easy ideas you can try at home. Check out this PDF with 4 fun ideas.


She also graciously offered to connect privately with anyone really needing some more specific guidance, so if that's you, please respond to this email and I will connect you with her :)


Dr. Missy


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