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Visceral Manipulation & Pregnancy

Pregnancy is something that affects the whole body. Even when preparing for pregnancy, your whole body’s health matters. At Invincible Movement Education & Healing, we believe in guiding patients along their healing journey by incorporating methods that get the whole body to work together, even your organs! Visceral manipulation is a powerful tool that can help you throughout your pregnancy, including pre-conception and postpartum care. Explore the topic of visceral manipulation with us and see how it can help you!
woman upset and holding stomach while laying in bed

How Can Visceral Manipulation Help You Prepare for Pregnancy?

Visceral manipulation is a healing practice that focuses on the movement of your organs. Your organs play a vital role in keeping your body functioning throughout the day, but tension can creep in and affect your overall wellness affecting your transition to motherhood. Connective tissue called fascia is used to stabilize your organs, but if they become damaged your movement is restricted leaving you experiencing pain, nutrient loss, decreased energy, and many other vague symptoms that can confuse you.

At Invincible, we love educating and working with women who are planning to get pregnant. Visceral manipulation can help release tension, allowing your body to relax, and preparing your body for a smoother process of conception.

Have You Struggled With Fertility?

Fertility struggles are incredibly frustrating, but Invincible can help! Optimal health is key when trying to conceive, including your organ health. During our fertility sessions, we focus on releasing stored tension and allowing our bodies to function at a higher level as our organs can move more fluidly with the rest of our body's systems.
image of body organs specifically the intestines
woman upset and holding stomach while laying in bed

How Can Visceral Manipulation Provide Support During Pregnancy?

As mentioned before, pregnancy affects every aspect of your body. While it is ideal to schedule an appointment before conception, our specialists can still support you to ease digestion, pain, stress, and other issues to make pregnancy more comfortable. Self-care is the key to overall wellbeing. At Invincible we also provide education on posture and movement to prepare you for labor.

Invincible Can Help You Along Your Postpartum Journey?

Unfortunately, many women do not get the postpartum care they need. During pregnancy, organs move around due to the growing fetus. Visceral manipulation can help prepare your organs for a more comfortable pregnancy, with added tools to assist you with your labor process including pushing, emotional stress, epidural information, and c-section support. At Invincible we will help form a customized plan that is right for you. Around your 6-week postpartum check, our specialists will perform an assessment along with recommendations for healing that may include:
  • Three months post-c-section plan
  • Treatment for managing postpartum depression
  • Hormone balancing
  • Plans for safe exercise
  • Preparation for your next conception
image of body organs specifically the intestines
No matter where you are on your wellness journey, Invincible can help. Connect with us today for more information on visceral manipulation or to schedule an appointment.