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The Inside Connection

Pelvic Floor & Organ Health Online Educational Program


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The Inside Connection is the solution for anyone ready to take action over their health condition!⁣

We get it. We've been there…deep in the weeds of frustration and blame on the medical system. But the truth is, we are in charge of our bodies. We have to stand up for it. We have to ask questions. ⁣

The Inside Connection is a 6-week program where we walk through the importance of organ and pelvic floor health, and how these areas are often the missing piece when recovering from pain or disease.⁣

The program is all online, you can do it guided with us or on your own.⁣

If you're ready, join us through the link in my profile and we will help you explore your body in a whole new way!


Dr. Ashley & I enjoyed working with these women in order to: get to know their pelvic floor better, help them understand why their organs need to move, and how they can improve their organ movement and pelvic floor health on their own at home.

Helping tie these 'hidden' areas together for a more well rounded, functioning body, is what we do best!

Please reach out with any questions you have, we'd love to chat with you about your specific needs and see if this program is a good fit for YOU!


Our WHY Behind "The Inside Connection"

Can you relate to any of these people in the below image?


Do you have pain that no one can figure out? Or something really embarrassing that you are tired of discussing with other people? 

Part of this frustration is our medical system. But a major part of it is us taking control of our health. Feeling empowered to do something, even when others say we just have to live with it. 


As a society, we MUST start taking charge of our body and doing what we can to optimize its function. This is why Dr. Ashley and I created the Inside Connection, helping people think outside of the box for sources of pain & dis-ease to hopefully find a missing piece of their health puzzle.


There are only 15 spots available!


Secure yours now, and join us for a powerful healing experience!



Dr. Missy