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Optimal Healing


I completely believe that medicine has an amazing place in our medical system.


I just think that it can be overused and abused... 

In the visceral world, I see many bodies that are dependent on a medication, and that medication is covering up signs that could point us in the right direction for healing (if we knew what those signs were).

An example is, the athlete dependent on pain medication (to recover from training), who starts to have digestive issues (because their stomach can't handle the meds), and they realize the meds haven't been helping them recover anyway...


Part of my solution for helping patients lessen their unnecessary meds is working with other medical providers that can do the testing and maybe replace them with more natural supplements.

The other part of my solution is showing how effective doTerra essential oils can be to support the body as it heals. This was the reason I started using essential oils, searching for a more natural way to help patients with sleep, digestion, pain, mood imbalances, etc.


Pain can be a debilitating experience.


If you want to learn more about using essential oils for pain, join us for a live virtual event! This class will dive deeper into options to support the body through healing naturally, with different recipes to target pain in various parts of the body.



Reducing the overuse & abuse of medications with plants


This is usually how it plays out once people start using DoTERRA...

1. People love the oils and start to feel the benefits
2. They start talking about them with their friends & family who are in need.
3. Their friends & family start to love them, and the word continues to spread!

We have a Natural Wellness Consult on our website if you want to test out the magic yourself! All you do is fill out some information based on your current health experiences and goals, and then I will send you personalized recommendations based on your needs!


Dr. Missy

& The invincible team