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3 SIMPLE WAYS (to optimize digestion) | Flodesk
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In order to optimize how our body digests and absorbs food…

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We need to focus on a few key factors:


Experience the food before you eat it. Smell it. Enjoy the colors. 


This helps to prepare your body and brain for eating. It actually starts the digestion process, and without using these senses our body won't fully be prepared for the food! This can lead to indigestion, bloating, change in bowels, extra strain on your body and overall just a loss of nutrient use by your body.


Too much liquid with our meals can…

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Too much liquid with our meals can dilute (or lessen the function) of our digestive juices. Our stomach needs these juices to breakdown food and to utilize nutrients, so we want to make sure those are not being flooded with a big cup of coffee or a full glass of water.


The general recommendation is to wait 30min after having a lot of liquid to eat your meal. This goes with coffee, water, celery juice, wine....any substantial amount of liquid. A sip here and there during a meal is ok. 


My current morning routine:

cup of coffee with MCT oil 5:30am

celery juice 6am

breakfast 7-9am



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Our intestines (and all organs, really) need a break from eating to complete their 'cycle' of function. A colleague of mine once described the time in between meals as the time when the clean-up crew does its thing in the intestines. This clean-up crew makes sure things are moving well, and helps discard anything we don't want in there.


The minute we start to eat again, the crew stops so digestion can happen. Snacking is a big thing that disrupts this clean-up crew, but also eating too late. If snacking just seems too hard to stop at first (or you feel you need it for health reasons) just try to stop eating after 7 pm and see how your body likes the long break overnight!

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