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I'm always trying to spread awareness of the benefits of visceral work after a c-section, and most women I work with become extremely passionate about sharing the importance of it as well.

This work is so powerful after pregnancy and labor already, and then adding a scar into the mix makes things even more stirred up. I am starting to see more women preventatively after their c-section (as word spreads), but most of the women come in months or years later with issues that don't seem to resolve like:

- bloating
- urinary incontinence
- bowel movement issues (constipation & diarrhea)
- difficulty taking deep breaths
- pain with intercourse
- low back pain
- pelvic pain

The Invincible goal: help visceral manipulation be a part of every women's postpartum check-up, especially after a c-section, and especially if a woman continues to have unresolved issues months/years later


This video dives into how a woman can start to work on their own c-section scar using the tuneupfitness coregeous ball. 

This work does not replace having someone also assess your organs, but it is a beautiful way to get the process started and to help the woman reconnect with this area after surgery!

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I take an external approach to work on the pelvic floor area, and the depth of how the body may be affected after a c-section is dependent from person to person.

The bladder sits in front of the uterus and behind the pubic bone. It is not cut through during a c-section but is moved around and may be affected by the event in general. It also may be under strain depending on how long a woman pushed while attempting a vaginal delivery.

The bladder can be worked on above the pubic bone as well, but working this way through the pelvis will often bring full balance to the area. In addition to making sure all the other organs are moving well!



 - Dr. Missy


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