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HABITS! (change them in 3 ways) | Flodesk
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Are you fueling injury or fueling function?





⁣Habits are not ease to change, but they can be changed!

The time a patient spends in the treatment room is just as valuable as the time a patient spends outside of the treatment room. Our daily habits can fuel injury or fuel function!

The reason Invincible prioritizes education on sleeping, sitting, and walking, is because improving the things you do on the regular will help you fuel function.

There is not a one size fits all approach to movement; however, the most important step is…⁣

Increasing BODY AWARENESS outside of the treatment room!




…it seems to work better when we add healthy things in versus trying to remove unhealthy things.


When we look at habits that will support the treatment we are doing with patients, it seems to work better when we add healthy things in (vs. trying to remove unhealthy things right away). 


Mentally this can be easier to handle.


And then slowly the unhealthy things start to drop off. Or some of them don't, but you're doing so many other healthy things it doesn't matter as much.

For example, drinking a full glass of water before your coffee will help to hydrate your body and give your brain a head start for the day. Adding lemon essential oil also supports a healthy metabolism!




One thing you can do today to create healthy habits is just 10min of self-care!



One thing you can try doing today to create healthy habits is just 10min of self-care daily. This can be filled with stretching, exercise, journaling, breathing etc. Just something every day. 


Creating this simple habit will

1. Lead most people to want to make more time for themselves!

2. Improve body awareness so you know how your body feels and how your mental state is throughout the day.



The Organ Healing Guide was designed to provide you with a large library of healthy habit ideas! 


Check out this incredible resource!

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 - Dr. Missy


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