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The importance of visceral manipulation

You lead a busy life. Whether you work, take care of kids and pets, or have other responsibilities, you don’t have time for chronic pain to slow you down. Chronic pain can negatively alter the way you live your life, making it difficult to complete even the simplest daily tasks.

Worse yet, visiting specialist after specialist only to receive limited answers can feel absolutely defeating. Don’t let chronic pain control your life anymore. Read this week’s blog to learn more about visceral manipulation and schedule your appointment with Invincible today!

What Is Visceral Manipulation?

In simpler terms, visceral manipulation is a treatment provided by a provider, like our team here at Invincible. It’s a means of improving organ movement through manual techniques. Your organs need to move to stay healthy. We can start improving their movement naturally, through our breathing, or through manual manipulation techniques.

Did you know that your organs play a large role in your overall health? Whether you’re suffering from a known injury or unexplained pain, visceral manipulation can help control your pain and get you back to feeling like yourself. Even if your pain doesn’t feel related to a specific organ, you may be surprised to learn that your organs are connected to other parts of your body that can lead to chronic pain. A type of connective tissue, called fascia, is what helps to stabilize and connect our organs to other organs. When this tissue becomes damaged or restricted, our movement may suffer, leading to pain.

How Does It Work?

By moving your organs, your body is better able to allow your cells to keep doing their jobs. Believe it or not, our organs are always moving, whether we are moving or standing still, and they coordinate with our muscles, bones, blood vessels, nerves, etc. So, each organ has more than just one purpose. Each of our organs work as a team with the rest of our body to ensure things are functioning properly.

However, organs can start to lose healthy movement and be restricted through things like surgery, stress, inflammation, pregnancy, etc. Organ restrictions can lead to trouble with things such as:

Nutrient absorption,

Complete digestion and elimination,

Optimal blood flow to distribute blood flow.

Limited organ movement can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, referred pain, trouble with nutrient absorption, and more. These symptoms may leave you confused, frustrated, and concerned. By moving your organs, you can take a holistic approach to your healing, helping your overall health. That’s why organ movement is so critical to your wellbeing.

Visceral manipulation, or the manipulation of our internal organs, allows us to evaluate and treat the tension found within our bodies by restoring movement in places where it may be constrained.

Each organ plays a different role in our health, but it goes beyond having one particular function. For instance, while the main purpose of the liver is to help our bodies remove toxins from our blood, but it also has a larger impact on our overall health. When your liver is restricted in movement, it can lead to both physical and emotional issues, including shoulder and neck pain, as well as fear, moodiness, and emotional rigidity. By using visceral movement exercises that target the liver, you can help lessen the restrictions on your liver, optimizing your wellbeing.

Choose Natural Healing

Organ movement is key to optimal function. Say goodbye to letting chronic pain dictate your life and hello to a happy, healthy body that allows you to get back to doing the things you love.

At Invincible, we understand how important it is that you receive a proper diagnosis and a proper treatment plan. That’s why we’ll help determine which organs may be restricted and provide you with personalized guidance to improve function for that specific organ. See how we can help you below!