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Do you suffer from unexplained pain in your shoulder? Maybe you’re experiencing uncomfortable tightness or pain, but you can’t pinpoint what could be causing it. No matter what, your shoulder pain is likely dragging you down, decreasing your quality of life and taking away from more important aspects of your day. Did you know that oftentimes, shoulder pain originates from dysfunction in the thoracic spine, which runs from your neck down to the bottom of your ribcage? In order for your shoulder to maintain ultimate mobility, this area of your spine must be unconstricted. This week’s Invincible blog post discusses shoulder pain and how the shoulder and liver work together. Invincible aims to provide you with natural healing techniques, including visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy to help you recover faster, feel better, and perform at your best. Every member of our staff is dedicated to learning more about your health issues, goals, injuries, etc., so that we can provide you with comprehensive, personalized care. We want to help you become more aware of how you move and feel with breathing techniques and other exercises that have been proven effective. Read this week’s blog post to learn more about how the shoulders and liver work together and contact us to schedule visceral manipulation today!

Let’s Talk Shoulders!

As mentioned above, a good majority of shoulder pain originates from dysfunction in the thoracic spine, which must be unobstructed for your shoulder to perform as it should. Stiffness in this area can result in shoulder pain, and pain can lead to stiffness, so neither situation is preferred!

Learn About Livers

Your liver is an organ that’s about the size of a football, and it sits under your rib cage on the right side of your abdomen. It is essentially for digesting food and helping your body get rid of toxic substances. Have you ever had your liver worked on? Believe it or not, your liver can actually create stiffness in the thoracic spine, leading to shoulder functionality issues. If you’ve been involved in a fall, car accident, experienced toxic overload, hormone imbalance or digestion issues, or anything in between, your liver may be restricted! While many of the issues listed above are fairly common occurrences in our daily lives, visceral manipulation can help! Through visceral manipulation, our team at Invincible can get your liver feeling good and your shoulders working great again!

Check Out Some Of Our Patient Testimonials

"My first experience with Dr. Missy was eye-opening. I scheduled the appointment because of persistent shoulder pain. After chatting she got to work, starting on my shoulder as expected, then she moved to my liver. Gentle pressure to help my liver gain better movement which would lead to better shoulder movement. Along for the ride, I just let her do her thing. After finishing with my liver she had me raise my arm above my head and I had a SIGNIFICANT better range of motion. I was hooked… and mystified. Visceral manipulation may seem a bit strange, but it works. I recommend it and Dr. Missy to everybody and anybody." ~ Emily

Schedule Visceral Manipulation With Invincible Today

Our team at Invincible uses visceral manipulation to improve your organ movement through manual techniques. We will help provide you with safe, effective ways to manipulate your liver and other vital organs to ensure that both your liver and shoulders are functioning optimally, as well as other parts of your body. Our team has the experience, knowledge, skills, and certifications necessary to create specialized, holistic healing plans to get you back to feeling like yourself. Whether you’ve been through a stressful or traumatic experience, injury, surgery, etc., our visceral manipulation therapies can help! We’ll help educate you on how to use your body in a more efficient way. Let us help you achieve body awareness with visceral manipulation and get your liver and shoulders feeling great again! Contact Dr. Missy to schedule your appointment with Invincible today! We look forward to helping you heal naturally.