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When we think of our bodies and our overall wellness, we tend to look where we feel the source of the issue is, but we often neglect to think about our nervous system. For example, if you’re having knee pain or mobility issues in your knees, you’ll likely attribute the issue to your knee bones or to the muscles around your knee, but did you know that the issue might be coming from your nerves instead? This week’s Invincible blog is here to provide you with some information about the nervous system and how neural manipulation contributes to holistic wellness. Invincible specializes in a wide range of natural healing and holistic wellness services, including physical therapy, visceral manipulation, and so much more. We can help you pinpoint where your issues and pain are coming from, and provide you with exercises, techniques, and habits to help you get back to leading a healthy, happy life. Read this week’s blog to learn more about neural manipulation and reach out to our team at Invincible to schedule an appointment today!

The Nervous System

First and foremost, it’s important to establish that there are many things that can cause issues with your nerves, with one of the most common being lack of mobility. Can you feel your nerves having issues sliding and gliding throughout your body? Nerves do not like to be stretched very much, so a lack of sliding and gliding can create a strain on them. Additionally, the nerves themselves aren’t the only thing that can cause pain and other issues. The tissue outside of the nerves that connects to the spinal cord and brain can also be the source of many issues. These are just a couple examples of the many important issues that you should remain aware of.

Causes of Mobility Issues in the Nerves

Now that we’ve established that mobility issues contribute to nerve pain and damage, let’s talk about how your nerves may lose mobility. The following events can lead to a lack of nerve mobility:surgery, inflammation, trauma (including contact sports, car accidents, falls, etc.), tight Muscles, and other Sources of Pain If you’ve recently gone through any of these things mentioned above and you’re experiencing pain or discomfort throughout your body, reach out to Invincible to learn more about our neural manipulation techniques.

What Is Neural Manipulation?

Neural manipulation is a manual therapy technique that works to identify and release local nerve restrictions throughout the body, while also examining the effects on the rest of the body. This technique aims to assess the relationship between nerves in the body and resolve comprehensive dysfunction throughout it. Another important fact to note is that when the nerves in your body aren’t moving well, they can’t help the organs function properly, which can cause the organs to lose their mobility as well, leading to an array of problems. We promote organ movement through visceral manipulation, so it’s important not to forget to get the nerves moving to ensure holistic wellness!

Trust Invincible for Neural Manipulation

Our team at Invincible has the experience, knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to provide each of our patients with effective, thorough neural manipulation to help solve an array of problems. We will help you pinpoint where your issues are coming from, and work with you using this effective manual therapy technique to solve them. To learn more about how neural manipulation can promote holistic wellness or to schedule an appointment with our team, reach out to Invincible today! We look forward to helping you get back to leading a healthy, happy, pain-free life!