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People in a gym with their legs on the wall.

Mobility Secrets to help you reach your goals

Is your flexibility stuck and nothing you do makes a significant difference? Do not panic if this is the case because it’s pretty normal. This is common in most physical fitness exercises and not only in flexibility. Fortunately, there are many ways you can train your joints to become more flexible while increasing your range of motion and beating that plateau point. Here are four tips by Invincible that are often overlooked to make lasting changes!

1. use it or lose it

It's important, when you're trying to make mobility changes, to use that range of motion frequently throughout the day. For example, say you're trying to improve hip range of motion so you're doing a pigeon stretch. Why not also spend time sitting criss cross to allow more time in that position and get your brain used to being there! (see images below for ways to sit supported)
A person sitting criss-cross supported by a blanket.
A person sitting cross-cross supported by a yoga block.

2. Beyond Stretching - lubricate your joints

Working on mobility, strength, and flexibility is crucial to improving range of motion, after all, you use it or lose it! Movement is the perfect medium for keeping joints lubricated, so it’s important to move however you can — pain-free of course! Another alternative is to use a band to distract the joint — aka gently separate — so the space pulls fluid to the area. Check out these video examples for reference:

Check out these video examples for reference:

3. Weakness may be a part of your mobility issues

Weakness may be a part of the mobility limitation! If a part of the body is weak, the body may be protecting something by keeping it tight. Spending time strengthening throughout the available range of motion is just as important as stretching. Try these examples:

4. Your organs may be involved

Are your organs involved?! Maybe there's a restriction deeper in your organ system that your muscles, fascia, and joints are protecting. Check out a recent post on the importance of visceral manipulation. You can also start mobilizing your own liver today and see what chagnes you see in the rest of your body!

Have you felt invincible at some point? These are the periods when you feel like anything is within your grasp. Sometimes, our minds are there already while our bodies aren’t there yet. Contact us today!

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