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Organ Healing Guide

Designed to support people we can't see in person!

  • Organs need to move for our bodies to heal from trauma, inflammation, injury, surgery, etc.
  • Improve the movement of your organs, from the comofort of your home
  • This online guide includes: personalized guidance, educaitonal videos, self-massage, yoga postures, essential oil recipes, affirmations & more

A few things this online guide can help you with

There are so many 'traumas' in life that can create movement restrictions in your organs, not allowing your digestive system to function well. Improving the movement of these organs is an improtant step in a healthy digestive system!
In order to take a full, deep breath we need the diaphragm to have room to move down into the abdomen to create space in the lungs for air. Restricted breathing for any length of time (asthma, pregnancy, etc) can create restrictions in the lung tissue, reducing lung capactiy.
Bloating is a big sign that there may be something mechanically off in your organ system, not allowing things to move through smoothly. Imagine you have a kink in a hose, with a lot of pressure building up in the system. This 'kink' can happen in your organs too.
When the stomach, small intestines and diaphragm are not working well together... acid reflux may occur. Oftentimes these organs are impacted by a car accident, fall or contact sports. These forces can lead to organ dysfunction.
Not only does organ massage help turn on rest & relaxation, but it also improves blood flow to the entire body to help all systems (including your hormones that regulate your sleep/wake cycle) function optimally.
Women's bodies naturally swell during their period, so if there is limited space to swell (maybe a history of constipation, bloating, fall on tailbone) the added pressure may cause more pain
The organs are usually overlooked when it comes to muscle/joint/nerve pain, but they need to move well too! An organ restriction can cause a joint to stay locked, or a nerve to not glide well, or a muscle to not activate properly.
Gentle massage over your abdomen can help turn on your 'rest & relaxation' system, helping your body let go of tension. PLUS the brain is strongly connected to the gut, so any organ dysfunction may be leading to stored stress in your body.

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Sneak Peak of the liver section of the guide!

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