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Dealing with pain? Can’t move like you used to? Recovering from an injury or illness?

Your journey toward healing and wellness can take giant steps forward by regaining optimal movement of your muscles, soft tissue and organs.

To accomplish this, we offer the following personalized services:

Physical Therapy

Get ready for a different physical therapy experience with Invincible. While many think of physical therapy as something you “have” to do after an injury or accident, the greatest benefits can be achieved when PT is practiced with the goal of complete health and optimal movement.

Your 60-minute PT sessions with one of our providers goes above and beyond. While some practitioners take 15 minutes to show you exercises and then turn you loose, we guide you through each movement and works with you every step of the way.

And it’s not just for recovery. True physical therapy prevents injury and helps you feel better and perform better in sports or other activities.

Your sessions will include:

  • Full movement evaluation (based on symptoms and goals)
  • Treatment sessions
  • Establishment of self-care routine
  • Long-term care plan

Visceral Manipulation

Ever had pain or discomfort in your body but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from?

It could be due to restricted organ movement.

We all know it matters how you muscles and joints move, but did you know it also matters how your organs move?

Restriction in organ-to-organ movement, or how organs move in relation to the nerves and tissues connected to them, can affect their performance. That can mean decreased nutrient absorption, decreased energy, or it can even present as pain or muscle tightness.

These restrictions can be caused by stress, inflammation, food intolerances, surgery, pregnancy, or even poor posture. But this type of gentle manual therapy can restore proper movement and allow your organs to function optimally.

Often visceral manipulation can be the missing link when nothing else has worked!

Find out which of your organs are commonly affected by restrictions and what symptoms they can present.

Other Manual Therapies

Visceral manipulation is what introduced us to the Barral Institute, but we have learned SO MUCH MORE from them than just organ manipulation!

The image to your left is their descriptions of the further trianings that we have taken, using the gentle approach we have been trained in for the organs with the rest of the body: nerves, blood vessels, brain, joints, bones, ligaments, etc. Our physical therapy backgrounds have given us amazing tools to work these areas already, but the specificity in the Barral work has really taken our skills ot the next level to work areas of the body that are not often worked on in such a precise way!

The links below will share some deeper research on this type of work, as well as videos that will walk you through some case studies to help understand what we're actually working on! The idea of working these deeper structures can be hard to wrap our minds around, so we find that sharing these resources helps to clarify the work that we do.