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Physical Therapy

If you want to truly feel and perform your best, here’s a new spin on physical therapy. Your provider will provide you with a complete evaluation and help you set goals for your optimum health.

These sessions are hands-on, active, and you will feel the results. You will have 55min with your provider so we can dive deep into imrpoving the health of your body and helping you move well for years to come.

We believe it's more important how your treat your body outside of our office, so your therapy will extend beyond the attentive hour your provider spends with you. At home you can follow the detailed “self-care plan” that helps your body stay in shape and moving freely. Our patients love this because it allows them to come into the clinic less often, giving them more time to do the things they love!

Personalized approach

we help you in 3 simple steps, all geared towards YOU

  • 1. Evaluation of your entire body to figure out what guidance your body needs

  • 2. Improve movement of the entire body: muscles, joints, nerves, organs, etc.

  • 3. Create a self-care plan “roadmap” to supplement treatment and enhance overall health, helping you return to optimal function (activity modifications in the meantime if needed)

Tools we use

  • Manual Therapy

    Our hands are trained to assess the entire body in detail, finding restricted areas and helping the body improve movement + control of that movement. This includes muscles, nerves, joints, organs, nerves, blood vessels, fascia, etc. We also like to use tools such as cups, rocktape & other soft tissue instruments to make change in the body and brain in different ways.

  • Movement Education
    Movement is medicine! Our eyes are trained to see movement inefficiencies that may be leading to pain or poor performance. We will help you retrain these movement patterns and relate it back to your movement of choice.

Mobility Basics

Intro to the basics of soft tissue and joint work to support your body on your own, interviewed by Erin Thole CNHP for her clients.